RITEC's Featured Product of the month is the NEW Residual Chlorine
Monitoring System
(Model Q46H) by ATI Analytical Technology.

Residual Chlorine Monitoring System
Model Q46H

This system simplifies documenting disinfectant residuals in water distribution systems. Providing continuous measurement of chlorine, pH and temperature, the monitor delivers all the data required for insuring compliance with disinfectant contact-time (CT) requirements.  Three isolated 4-20mA outputs are available for interface to DCS or telemetry systems. For digital systems, a Profibus communication option is available now, with Modbus and Ethernet systems available shortly.

•    Chlorine, pH & Temperature in one, compact unit
•    3 SPDT relays standard
•    Pre-assembled system panels available
•    Option for 3 additional low power relays
•    Profibus-DP, Modbus, or Ethernet communications

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ATI Optical Dissolved Oxygen Monitor



The Optical Dissolved Oxygen Monitor utilizes a fluorescence-based sensor to provide a reliable oxygen measurement.
This sensor will provide years of service and, unlike other optical sensors, will not be degraded by exposure to direct sunlight.


•    Dissolved oxygen monitoring without the maintenance
•    *Air-blast sensor cleaning insures accuracy & reliability
•    Save power and improve aeration system performance
•    Guaranteed performance in any aeration environment

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The Q45N Dissolved Ammonia Monitor uses reaction chemistry that converts ammonia in solution to a stable monochloramine
compound equivalent in concentration to the original ammonia level


Model Q45N
Dissolved NH3 Monitor

•    New approach to effluent ammonia measuring
•    Total ammonia measurement
•    Optional sampling system with auto cleaner
•    4-20mA outputs & alarm relays

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ATI’s Model A15/66 Sulfite Ion Monitor provides the solution to dechlorination control and  ittakes a unique approach
to the measurement of sulfite ion concentration.


Model A15/66
Dechlorination Monitor


•    Continuous monitoring insures complete dechlorination
•    Reduces chemical usage by allowing the process to operate at low sulfite levels
•    Gas phase measurement, no process/sensor contact
•    Low maintenance membraned sensor

Click here to download the product brochure:  (PDF)