ANSI.Z.238.2009 Standards for Emergency Showers and Eyewash Solutions

International legislation covering the installation, operation and maintenance of Emergency Safety Showers and Eye/Facewash equipment is becoming more stringent due to the increased use of chemicals or other substances hazardous to health.


It is widely recognized that when an accident happens then the affected area must be flushed with clean, cool water for a period of 15 minutes to ensure all chemicals are removed. The casualty must then seek expert medical advice, and in any case of doubt they must go immediately to hospital with a suitable dressing covering the affected area.


Typical of such occurrences are the spilling, splashing or spraying of acids, caustics, or other dangerous

or corrosive agents. Other common hazards are fire and explosion. Where flammable liquids are present

there is a hazard of clothing becoming ignited, only the prompt use of an Emergency Shower or Eye/Facewash Unit prevents major injury or death.


For this reason it is imperative that the correct Emergency Equipment is purchased and that it is suitably located, properly installed and effectively maintained.

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ANSI.Z358.1-2009 Document



Hughes Safety Showers & EyeWash Solutions


Extensive range of plumbed-in units to enable continuous flushing with clean cool water, complemented by portable units for use at the scene of a possible accident.

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A range of heavy duty tank showers for use when warm water is required or a constant supply of water cannot be guaranteed. These units are essential where there is a problem with insufficient water pressure or inadequate flow rate. The outdoor types are heated and pre-insulated to prevent freezing during conditions of frost, whereas the indoor or tropical versions are insulated but without heating, to ensure a steady temperature is maintained.  Optional fittings are available to optimize the performance of the Tank Shower.

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Temperature Controlled Showers and Shower Cubicles have been developed for use in cold climates where it is necessary to maintain a tepid showering temperature or provide a warm environment for shower.

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Cubicles and Protective Frames have been designed for situations where an Emergency Shower needs its own floor space, particularly if space is at a premium. They protect against damage and prevent clutter around the Shower and Eyewash/Facewash and ensure accessibility in an emergency.

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An extensive range of Immersion Heated or Trace Taped Heated models operable in all ambient conditions.  Of robust design and including integral light box and pictogram signs.

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Designed for use throughout industry, in all applications where there is a possibility of the water inside the shower freezing or overheating due to due to ambient temperatures.

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A range of Unheated Emergency Safety Showers and Eyewash/Facewash models, designed for use throughout industry, in all applications not subject to the possibility of freezing or overheating, depending on local ambient conditions. All units are made up of separate modules to facilitate economic packing and freight.

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For use outdoors in tropical climates. Fitted with self-draining valves to reduce overheating by solar radiation.

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For use in laboratories and clean indoor areas where small spillages of dangerous cause a hazard to employees.

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A selection of Decontamination Showers used for the effective treatment of Personal Protective Equipment.

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These cubicle models are ideal in situations where a shower needs to be totally enclosed, particularly if space is at a premium or where a shower requires its own dedicated area due to clutter.  Also very popular where it is imperative that there is no overspray of water outside the shower area.

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