RITEC is pleased to announce the new SITRANS LUT400 series controllers from Siemens!

Siemens Industry Automation Division announces SITRANS LUT400 series ultrasonic controllers with one-millimeter (0.04 inch) measuring accuracy.  These new controllers offer the highest accuracy available on the market and ensure consistently precise measurements.  The compact, single point ultrasonic controllers continuously monitor and control level in liquids, solids, or slurry applications for a wide range of industries.


  • Industry leading accuracy - 1mm (0.04") accuracy
  • Installation simplicity - 4 variations for installation
  • Easy to use - four buttons, Wizard support
  • Quick to configure - Quick Start Wizards
  • Next Generation Sonic Intelligence - patented digital receiver and enhanced diagnostics
  • Communications convenience
  • Saves money - energy saving algorithms and low to no maintenance
  • No handlheld required - built in keypad, display, and advanced diagnostics
  • HART compliant
  • Unmatched noise rejection
  • Echo profile and trend views on the display
  • New Figure of Merit (FOM) parameter evaluates extended performance, not just point in time
  • Integrated datalogger allows you to review historic performance


With these new controllers, operators can be confident of level or flow measurements thanks to SITRANS LUT400's patented filters and algorithms. The high accuracy of these new controllers results in cost-effective operations; inventory monitoring is always precise, processes are better controlled, and expensive spill cleanups can be avoided.  With energy cost reduction strategies growing in importance, the SITRANS LUT400 controllers assist water/waste water facilities in reducing their overall energy expenses with a real-time clock and energy saving algorithms for reducing pump operations during peak energy periods.

The SITRANS LUT400 series controllers feature an intuitive user interface. The controllers can be programmed in less than one minute using the graphical Quick Start Wizards.  The backlit display is easy to read in all lighting conditions. Sonic Intelligence, Siemens echo processing technology for ultrasonic level instruments, continuously evaluates and adjusts for noise level and changing process conditions. All three models are compatible with the full line of Echomax ultrasonic transducers from Siemens. The SITRANS LUT400's datalogging capabilities allow users to store and review datalogs or transfer them to a a computer. In addition to local programming, the controllers also support remote configuration and diagnostics with Siemens Simatic PDF (Process Device Manager), Emerson AMS, FC375/475, or FDTs (such as PACTware) using Siemens DTM.

To view or download the LUT400 data sheets and brochures, just click here:

Siemens Ultrasonic Controller Brochure

 SITRANS LUT400 Series Specification Sheet

To see videos of the new SITRANS LUT400 series products, just click on a link below:
LUT400 Introduction Video
 LUT400 Level Quickstart
 How to Wire a Siemens LUT400
 LUT400 Open Channel Monitoring
 LUT400 Mounting

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