Chemical Dosing Control

Achieve automatic and accurate chemical dosing control in water and wastewater applications. RITEC Environmental can deploy either single or compound loop control through the use of online chemical analyzers, process controllers and chemical feed pumps to provide a cost effective way to upgrade chemical monitoring and control. Common applications include chlorination/dechlorination within a wastewater application using both chlorine and residual bisulfite analyzers, and chlorine/ammonia control for chloramination in a water application. Click on one of the following links to view and download product information:

ATI's Q46H62-63 Brochure
LS Brushless Digital Washdown Pump
555 Chlorination/Dechlorination Controller

Reduce energy costs through accurate & efficient aeration control

Older aeration systems that utilize PD blowers and run on either a timer or DO analyzer, represent a perfect opportunity for an efficiency upgrade. There are significant savings to be achieved through accurate and efficient aeration control. With the addition of highly accurate and stable optical dissolved oxygen analyzers and properly sized variable frequency drives, a plant can expect to reduce the time and energy it takes to run their blowers thereby lowering costs and improving process control. 6 year powered warranty, lightning and flood protection,
Click on the product name to view or download additional product information:

Q45 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

Process controllers & recorders

Siemens market-leading Procidia family of controllers have been designed for a wide range of process applications. These loop controllers have consistently ranked high in Control Magazine's reader choice survey for over a decade. Whether you need a simple single-loop control, multi-loop control for a small unit batch or continuous process, Siemens loop controllers can solve your application needs.
The Siemens Series SIREC D process recorders feature multi-channel display capabilities, allowing one recorder to perform many functions and provide intuitive set-up procedures for easy, rapid, in-plant configuration. Click on the product link below to view or downlaod more information:

Siemens 353 Process Automation Controller

Variable frequency drives

Danfoss Drives has unequalled experience was used to make the VLT® AQUA Drive the perfect match for pumps and blowers in modern water and wastewater systems.

Save energy
The VLT®AQUA Drive offers considerable energy savings:
  • VLT effciency (98%)
  • Sleep Mode
  • Automatic Energy Optimization (AEO). Increases energy efficiency by up to 5%.
  • Flow compensation
  • Save space

The compact design of the VLT®AQUA Drive makes it easily fit in even small installation spaces.

  • Built-in DC coils and AC coils for harmonic suppression. No need for external AC-coils.
  • Optional, built-in RFI filters in the whole power range

Click on the VLT link below to view or download specific product information:

VLT Aqua Drive Brochure

Telemetry & Remote SCADA

Efficiently manage your remote sites with secure field to enterprise solutions.
Integrated telemetry and remote SCADA solutions for Water Treatment and pumping applications.
Challenge guarantee transfer and integrity of critical process data across a wide array of communication platforms.
Key Solution Components
  • Remote process monitoring and control
  • Long range wireless communication links
  • Integrated SCADA host optimized for wide area use
  • Wireless Instrumentation monitoring
  • Dedicated pump up and pump down controller for wastewater lift stations

These components ensure reliable and accurate data transfer with no loss of data during communication outages in security-sensitive environments. They will benefit your system by providing you the following features.

  • Controller-based embedded historian with time-stamped event logging
  • On demand and by-exception polling for optimized bandwidth use
  • Data continuously stored in controller is retrieved by host when communication is restored
  • AGA12 encryption protecting DNP3 Data transmission
Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions

The FlowStation is an out-of-the-box Pump Controller designed for waste and storm water lift stations and common pump-up applications. With its built-in web server and user-friendly configuration interface, the FlowStation can be set up locally by field technicians or remotely by system engineers, and as such is ideal for stand-alone installations or as part of a greater SCADA network.The product features comprehensive event and alarm logging, remote notification of alarms via email or SMS messaging, a hand-held (BlackBerryTM) interface, wireless communication, and touch-screen options. Extended flexibility is offered through optional TelePACE ladder logic and C++ programming for any installation-specific requirements that are not already accounted for with the product’s built-in functionality Clear SCADA is an integrated SCADA host platform that includes a polling engine, real-time database, historian, web server, alarm redirection for text messaging and email and a reporting package. Because this is all integrated it greatly reduces license costs and configuration effort.

SCADAPack FlowStation 110 - Pump Station Control
ClearSCADA is designed for wide area networks and telemetry applications commonly found in the Water industry. Its real-time database and integrated polling engine means you do not need to use a separate software package such as an OPC Server or use a Master RTU as the data collector to communicate with the remote devices. This simplification not only saves you software and hardware costs but reduces the complexity of the configuration which also saves you engineering costs. If system reliability is important, additional assurance can be provided by adding a 2nd ClearSCADA Server in a redundant pair arrangement.

If the application is for a treatment plant, ClearSCADA offers more than just an HMI; it has built-in drivers for all major PLCs, an historian for long term data archive, integrated reporting package, alarm redirection to ‘push’ out critical alarms via text messaging or email and built-in networking for additional HMI workstations or redundant servers if necessary. To learn more about Telemetry and SCADA solutions, please click on one of the links below:

ClearSCADA Remote Management Brochure