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Waste Water Collection Systems

Waste Water Collection Systems

RITEC Environmental provides instrumentation for flow, pressure, level and liquid analytics for the desalination treatment process. We invite you to learn more about our approach by clicking on an application below where you can research information or shop by application.

Pretreatment Reverse osmosis Post treatment



Influent pressure monitoring

Close monitoring of the influent is crucial to protecting the sensitive membrane filter modules from excessive pressure. Whenever this occurs, the pressure sensor transmits a pump shut-down alarm to the operator. The SITRANS PDS III instrument, our pressure-monitoring transmitter with built-in diagnostics functions, monitors itself and sections of your facility in cyclical intervals, maximizing uptime for the entire plant. Its corrosion-resistant casing makes this transmitter particularly well suited for continuous operation in saltwater environments.


Temperature measurement at the inflow point

Temperature measurement at the inflow point spots any variances from specified limits to prevent any damage to the semi-permeable membranes. The SITRANS T Series offers an extensive portfolio in 2 and 4-wire loop technology, making it the preferred instrument for extreme operating conditions.

Reverse Osmosis

Permeate and concentrate flow monitoring

Monitoring and controlling concentrate flow in relation to the permeate is crucial to the facility’s smooth operation and optimum performance, particularly concerning permeate quality. The broad spectrum of electromagnetic flow metering solutions in the SITRANS FM Series, for example, the SITRANS FM MAG 3100 or SITRANS FM MAG 5100 instruments, is specifically certified for potable water applications. In addition, the flow meters are available in a variety of finishes to make them the preferred choice for continuous saltwater operation. The SIPART PS2 electropneumatic positioner ensures optimum precision in handling the valves and actuators involved in concentrate throughput.


Post Treatment

Level and flow measurement for chemical dosing

Permeate post-treatment involves the continuous addition of chemicals to chlorinate and de-chlorinate the process water and adjust the pH of water with dosing lime. Level measurement takes care of storage tank monitoring, while flow metering ensures correct chemical dosing. The SITRANS Probe LU ultrasonic transmitter features a high signal-to-noise ratio and automatic false echo suppression for excellent measurement accuracy and reliability. SITRANS LVL vibratory switches and POINTEK CLS inverse frequency capacitance back-up switches prevent overfill or running dry, and are compatible with a wide range of chemicals. The SITRANS FM MAG 1100 electromagnetic flow meter is rendered in corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing, which makes it ideal for dosing chlorine and other chemicals. In addition, it ensures maximum accuracy even with very low flow rates.


Measuring level on lime bins


Lime is used in water and wastewater treatment plants to regulate the pH of the water in various stages of the treatment process. Lime is mixed with water to prepare a lime solution, and is then dosed into the process. Generally stored in powder form, it is pneumatically fed into a silo from the top and pneumatically extracted from the bottom. This can be a continuous process or done in batches. For optimizing stock levels it is important to monitor the inventory of the lime in the silo. SITRANS LR260 radar level transmitter mounted on the roof of the silo measures the level in the silo continuously, while back-up level detection devices are used to avoid overfill and running empty. Siemens offers a choice of technologies in point level detection to meet your specific needs: ie:  inverse frequency shift capacitance Pointek CLS200, the SITRANS LVS vibratory forks, and SITRANS LPS paddle switches.