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Waste Water Distribution

RITEC Environmental provides instrumentation for flow, pressure, level and liquid analytics for water distribution networks. We invite you to learn more about our approach by clicking on an application below to research information or shop by application.

Water Distribution Networks


Water distribution networks

Flow and pressure measurement for leakage monitoring

Intelligent pressure and volume management for water distribution zones of a particular district ensure optimum pressure at any time of day (or night) and adequate water supply in the water network. It means pipe ruptures and leakage can be immediately and accurately pinpointed. Thanks to its compact design, the battery-powered

SITRANS FM MAG 8000 electromagnetic flow meter can easily be installed anywhere. It helps the network operate at optimum flow rates and alerts the operator of any leakage in the system. In addition, its battery is designed to deliver measurement performance for up to six years. The SITRANS P pressure transmitter ensures the water pressure in the pipe remains constant around the clock. The integrated, user-friendly diagnostics ensure low maintenance requirements in a continuous operation environment.

Flow measurement for billing applications

The price of water reflects its status as a precious commodity, and costs are increasing in parallel with consumption. Accurate billing of large users require specific processing of measurement data, as well as Custody Transfer certification. The SITRANS FM MAG 8000 electromagnetic flow meter meets these requirements, ensuring accurate readings and optimum data collection.