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Waste Water Purification

Waste Water Purification

Water Supply

Water extraction and collection products

65 percent of the world’s drinking water is extracted from deep groundwater pockets because it is of a higher quality and purity than the water available at the surface. Surface water from rivers and lakes is categorized into three quality standards, which in turn determine the type of treatment needed. From the collection point all the way to the waterworks, flow is monitored with a SITRANS FM electromagnetic flow meter or a SITRANS F US ultrasonic flow meter.

Controlled extraction using level and flow measurement at the well

Seasonal groundwater level variations have an impact on hydraulic gradient, flow and water quantity – in other words, on the quality and quantity of the water available for treatment. The combination of the SITRANS P MPS submersible pressure transmitter and the SITRANS LUC500 ultrasonic controller takes over the activation of the pump control, collects data, controls the relays and ensures remote access to all system parameters. The SITRANS FM MAG 5100W and SITRANS FM MAG 6000 electromagnetic flow meter measures flow rates and the total pumped volume for the individual well. The battery-powered SITRANS FM MAG 8000 flow meter is designed for operations without a mains power supply. Data loggers and transmission systems then save and transfer the data.

Influent flow measurement

One way to ensure smooth operations and minimize downtime is to accurately gauge the incoming water volume in the closed inlet pipe. Using the electromagnetic flow meters SITRANS FM MAG 5100W or 3100W gives you full control of the process at all times to make sure your treatment process is operating at optimum capacity with maximum uptime.

Measuring level differentials with screens

Fine screens are installed to remove solids such as sticks, sand and other debris from the raw water and help prevent damage to the treatment facility. Exact timing for cleaning the screen is key to ensuring a smooth process. Here, the Echomax ultrasonic sensors with the HydroRanger 200 ultrasonic controller monitor one measurement point up-stream of the screen and one at down-stream to take a differential measurement. This ensures the rake is only cleaned when actually necessary. The system also enables remote polling of marginal values and automatically actuates all control relays and alarms.


Level and Flow metering in the flocculation tank

Removing the suspended particles in the water destined for treatment requires the addition of coagulating/flocculating agents into the process. The flocculated solids then settle at the bottom of the clarifier and are collected by rotating scrappers, which in turn convey the matter into a pipe system for evacuating the sludge. The clarified water then flows on to the next purification stage where an accurate level measurement helps optimize chemical consumption and, thus, costs. The SITRANS Probe LU ultrasonic level and volume measurement system with its Auto False-Echo Suppression functionality guarantees optimum measurement reliability. In addition, integrated Sonic Intelligence signal processing combines the latest echo processing procedures with cutting-edge micropro-cessor and communications technology. The SITRANS FM MAG 1100 and SITRANS FM MAG 6000 electromagnetic flow meters ensure very accurate dosing of expensive chemicals for coagulation/ flocculation. Their particular advantages: outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals and optimum performance even during low flow rates.


Open filter level measurement

In the initial filtration stage, chemicals, such as iron and manganese, are extracted from the water via a fixed bed filter. When the pressure drops due to build-up on the filter, the pressure above the filter rises, and this requires a backwashing to unclog the filter. The SITRANS Probe LU instrument is a 2-wire, loop powered, ultrasonic transmitter for level, volume and flow monitoring that identifies the right timing for backwashing and initiates the process.

Closed filter differential pressure measurement

Other pollutants, such as particles or micro-organisms, are eliminated during filtration stages. Filter build-up not only impairs filtration performance, but may also lead to a filter puncture and cause pollutants to seep into the clarified water. This is where monitoring pressure differentials across the filter with the SITRANS P DS III, our digital pressure differential monitoring transmitter, optimizes the timing of filter backwashing intervals.

Backwash flow monitoring

The efficiency of the back-flush process for flushing the filter bed with clean water is determined by optimum flow volume. The SITRANS FM MAG 5100W and SITRANS FM MAG 5000 electromagnetic flow sensors combine high performance with ease of use and low maintenance. The system receives a digital input from the Process Control System, enabling it to adapt the measurement range to higher or lower throughput rates. In addition, the SENSORPROM’s automatic reading of the stored data significantly assists the commissioning process.


Flow monitoring for chlorine dosage

Dosing pumps continuously add a chlorine solution to prevent bacterial contamination of the drinking water. The measurement process ensures constant flow rates and shuts the system down in case of a dry run. The SITRANS FM MAG 1100 instrument’s corrosion-resistant stainless steel casing makes this electromagnetic flow meter particularly suitable for dosing aggressive chemicals, such as chlorine. It also guarantees maximum accuracy even with very low flow rates.

Water Reservoir

Level and flow measurement at the water reservoir

Level measurement at the reservoir or in the open channel yields useful data on actual water reserves. It is also used for controlling gates and locks, maximizing water distribution efficiency. The high-precision ultrasonic level measurements are possible with the MPS hydrostatic sensor, HydroRanger 200, SITRANS LUC500 or OCM III instruments that cover virtually any possible application.

Water Distribution

Flow metering for water supply and distribution

SITRANS F US SONO and SONOKIT ultrasonic flow meters perform measurements in pipe systems with diameters ranging between DN 50 – DN 4000 (2” – 160”). With the correct accessories, the flow meter can be easily installed on any piping, including retrofits. This ensures easy, cost-effective maintenance and repairs. The SENSORPROM storage unit contains all the key device data, including calibration, maintenance specs and diagnostics. The SITRANS F US 380 Sonocell flow meter system also gives you the same performance in a battery powered solution. Besides the proven portfolio of mains-powered SITRANS FM electromagnetic flow meters, we offer a battery powered version in the SITRANS FM MAG 8000 flow meter with a battery life of more than 6 years. The especially robust casing allows for installation in the pump or installation shaft, as well as under ground.

End user pressure metering

Continuous pressure monitoring with the SITRANS P DS III or SITRANS P300 transmitters also ensures consistent water pressure for the end user and protects the pumps.



The price of water reflects its status as a precious commodity, and costs are increasing in parallel with consumption. SITRANS F M MAG 8000 is widely used for billing purpose to ensure that the farmers are paying a fair price.