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RITEC Environmental provides instrumentation for flow, pressure, level and liquid analytics for the wastewater treatment process. We invite you to learn more about our approach by clicking on an application below to research information or shop by application.

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Waste Water Treatment

Lift Station Management

Level measurement in pumping stations

Constant and continuous level monitoring is crucial for pump control and lift station management. It is also necessary to prevent flooding. The HydroRanger 200 and SITRANS LUC500 low maintenance ultrasonic controllers are specifically designed for water and wastewater monitoring. Siemens has already installed over 500,000 of these systems worldwide. These controllers have patented Sonic Intelligence and built-in advanced pump control routines to ensure reliable and long-term pump operation. They also support to the remote telemetry to transmit station data ro remote SCADA system Plant Influent.


Open channel flow monitoring

By measuring the water level in the influent channel, influent volume can then be virtually determined for almost any weirs or flumes using our ultrasonic transducer-based open channel flow measurement that utilizes the HydroRanger 200 and the OCM III controllers. Both of these controllers can monitor daily peak, average and total flow. The data can be transmitted over telemetry to remote SCADA for storage and analysis. OCM III can also log the data locally and obtain it remotely.


Closed pipe flow metering

Measuring the volume of the water to be treated is just as important when the inflow point is in a sealed system: it gives you full control of the process at all times to make sure your plant is operating at optimum capacity with maximum uptime. In this case, the SITRANS FM MAG 5100W or explosion-proof SITRANS FM MAG 3100 electromagnetic flow meters are the preferred choice.


Compressed air flow monitoring during aeration

During the activation phase of the purification process, the microorganisms present in the water require oxygen to break down the organic matter in the wastewater. This is handled in the aeration tank, where blowers ensure the required amount of air is added into the water. The SITRANS PDS III digital differential pressure flow monitoring system precisely measures the required quantity of air to ensure optimum efficiency of the aeration process.

Sludge Treatment

Flow metering for activated sludge recovery

Activated sludge is partially fed back into the aeration tanks to increase the effectiveness of the process. The robust SITRANS FM MAG 5100W and SITRANS FM MAG 5000 or SITRANS FM MAG 3100 electromagnetic flow meters combine durability and low maintenance requirements to cope with media that have a high solids content.

Level measurement in the digester tank

The quantity of digested sludge is essential to optimum processing. The presence of CO2 , CH 4 and H2 S preclude the use of ultrasonic measurement instruments because of the effects they have on the speed of sound. Foam build-up complicates the application. This is where the SITRANS LR200 radar level transmitter ensures accurate readings even under extreme conditions. The Hot Tap accessory allows you to inspect and clean the measured sample without any gas seepage into the environment.


Foam detecting in the digester tank

Our Pointek CLS200 capacitance point level sensor is highly resistant to chemical stress and ensures that the safety spraying system in the chamber is activated automatically in case of excess foaming to avoid overflow and save expensive cleaning.

Sludge Disposal

Dry sludge weighing

Determining the optimum weight for transportation by truck prior to loading dry sludge for future processing is a key factor in process and cost optimization. A Milltronics MSI belt scale establishes the sludge loading quantity and records all relevant data in the Milltronics BW100 integrator.