engineering services / Communication and Wireles Services

RITEC Environmental can assist you in every phase of building your private wireless infrastructure, including products, custom services and support for every application, frequency and speed.

These systems include:
  • Wireless networks for leaded line replacement
  • Wireless networks for alarming for SCADA systems
  • Wireless Ethernet networks for high speed data, voice and video communication
  • Cellular wireless networks for remote alarming

Computer path/link analysis:
Our computer generated analysis consists of a plotted profile based upon the GPS readings and displays of topography between two points, along with a link analysis based upon the proposed frequency being used. This test is easy, inexpensive and the key starting point to determine if a wireless link is the best solution.

On-site survey with on-air test:
We offer on-site analysis where a wireless link is established to gauge RSSI (received signal strength indication), as well as pass data from point-to-point and point-to-multipoint. The on-air test is provided for data, voice, and video and confirms the test results from the computer generated path/link analysis.

From these test results, a complete equipment list can be generated, including licensed or unlicensed transmitters, antennas and all the accessories needed to ensure a successful installation.